Time to Repair Your Driveway

Common Damages That Require an Immediate Concrete Driveway Repair Service

Just like any structures, the driveways also get damaged, especially if not installed well or maintenance is disregarded. Concrete driveway repair must be done right away to avoid the damages from aggravating and compromise your landscape. Unfortunately, not all property owners are familiar with concrete damages. To know when is the right time to repair the driveway, here are the indications that you need to keep in mind.


All solid materials can experience this damage. It is the easiest one to determine yet hazardous as well. It is best to have the concrete driveway repaired right away even if it is just a hairline crack to avoid the costly restoration service. Aside from retaining the structure’s integrity, driveways service also save your hard-earned money.


If the concrete void cracks or breaks, this damage can happen, which results in an uneven and unstable surface that causes damage to the wheels of the vehicle and foot injuries. Once the soil is loosely compacted, voids form after the concrete is poured on the ground. It can also happen during summer where the soil dries up quickly. Do not wait for an unfortunate event to happen before you consider a concrete driveway repair service.


It is the most common damage that occurs on walkways and driveways of properties where a full-grown tree is standing right beside it. As the tree grows, its roots also spread and grow underneath the ground causing the concrete slab above it to lift. The other factor why concrete lifts are the freezing of the moisture underneath its surface.

If any of these damages are evident on your the concrete driveway, call an expert right now. BrotherHood Block & Concrete is the contractor you can rely on when it comes to impeccable repair services for your driveway in Groveland, FL. We also offer patio installation service aside from just repairing driveways. For bookings and inquiries, (352) 231-8984 is the number to call.

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