Have You Noticed Your Surface Has Started to Flake Off?

Decorative Concrete Service: Concrete Contractor Tips on What Causes Spalling

Spalling in concrete means it has been broken, flaked, or pitted. This is generally due to a mixture of poor installation and environmental factors which have stressed the concrete, which caused it to be damaged. Some spalling can be purely cosmetic, however, some spalling can be a direct result of structural damage, for example, damage to the reinforcing bars within the concrete. For this reason alone, it is vital you address spalling when you first notice it. What can a decorative concrete service provider tell you about it?

Early signs of spalling can be seen easily. The surface becomes flaky and rough and could start to pit. With some cases, pieces of concrete could become loose and even fall off. The concrete will also start cracking, more so when large pieces break off. Fortunately, this can be repaired by removing the damaged section and filling it in with cement, homeowners can do this themselves, however, we at BrotherHood Block & Concrete in Groveland, FL recommend you bring in a professional concrete contractor.

The best time to sort out spalling, believe it or not, is when it is first poured, by taking measures to stop it from happening, to begin with. The concrete must be mixed with exactly the right amount of water and kept as dry as possible, due to the fact too high a water content will weaken the material. It will also need time sufficient time to cure properly and be handled very carefully whilst drying. Sealing concrete will also protect it against the elements. There are various different sealants available, and can also work with decorative finishes.

Should you start to see signs of deterioration, you need to act quickly to address them. The longer it is allowed to go on, the higher the chances are of serious damage. When spalling is structural, it is advisable to speak to a professional for advice, and for them to perform all the necessary repairs. This is important when damage occurs to the bars used for reinforcement.

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